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#11 Vlog: My 1st Half Marathon Race!

April 16th, 2016|

It’s that time again!! It is April and my 4th bucket list item is complete…Half Marathon! I have been training for 13 weeks for this challenge and I could not WAIT for race day! Especially [...]

#10 Vlog: Half Marathon Training Tips!

April 8th, 2016|

The day is almost here! My FIRST EVER half marathon!!! Woohoo! I am very excited as it has been a journey to get here. Check out this video to hear about my training tips and [...]

#9 Vlog: Out of the Mouths of Babes – How to Persevere!

March 25th, 2016|

Hi Folks! Happy Happy Happy Friday! So, to all the parents out there LISTEN to your kids as some times they speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…lol! Check out this [...]






“..offers more than its share of laughs and insights as we get a different take on dating double standards; Austen Jaye and Perrine are terrific as a not-so-perfect couple..”
~ Backstage
“15 Minutes…a speed-dating sketch between a young black woman (the gorgeous Lony’e Perrine)…”
~ LA Weekly
“Lony’e Perrine’s talent is an unmatched treasure. I feel extremely blessed to have worked with such a positive and enjoyable actress. I wish her nothing but the best and I know that great things await her in the future!”
~ Katrelle Kindred, Director
“Lonye Perrine and Eduardo Ortiz came in together there was not only an undeniable chemistry between them, each of them were so engaging I got lost in their moment. Lony’e, instead of taking the obvious rout of making Stacy a victim played her as strong woman of today. You could see her heart on the screen, hopeful, pained, breaking and then resolute. I’m touched by the humanity…”
~ Elle Travis, Director
“Lony’e Perrine is delightful as a corporate-climbing new mommy…”
~ Backstage
“Lonye ‘s is a talented actress and one of the most hardworking actresses in Los Angeles. As actress on BWSOTU and TFP, Lonye’s work was very open, meaningful and endearing. She committs herself totally to whatever role she plays. Outstanding in her work ethics, Lonye is always striving for truth in her work. Never underestimate this actress, Lonye reaches for her character’s depth and understanding. She is a gem!!!”
~ Ayanna Cahrr, Director
“Lony’e is a total joy to work with–a fantastic actor with a lot of range. She’s professional, and more importantly, fun to work with.”
~ Hank Braxton, Director
“I saw her the other night on Chuck! She’s a beautiful girl. I hope to see more of her very soon.”
“Perrine always seemed to catch the complications of the text..At the same time, maintained both the charisma and the presentness of the moment to pull the audience into complex worlds…This is the work of a true actor, and Perrine is, most certainly, a true actor.”
~ Nia Witherspoon, Writer
“Lony’e, is a professional and a joy to work with. Her creative comedic role in Circle of Time made it unique and exciting to watch.”
~ Veronica Caicedo, Director
“Lonye Perrine is an exceptional actress…She is friendly, professional, beautiful, and most of all “directable.”
~ Dominique Shillings, Director
“She brought with her the right blend of commitment to choices and openness to correction which made directing her nearly effortless. Lonye’s professionalism was only outmatched by her genuine attitude of excitement and appreciation. When asked to repeatedly perform in a scene that was physically challenging, she was able to accomplish this without waning in her execution. In short, it was a pleasure to work with Lony’e in the film Damsels in Distress.”
~ Stephen K. Powell, Director
“When Lonye’ came into the audition for “Jersey Justice”, I thought about how professional she presented the role. We had our “Dianne Campbell” the moment Lonye’ entered the room. A terrific actor and a great support to Independent film makers.”
~ John C. Hunt, Director