Lony’e Perrine was cast as Stacy in season 1 episode 7 of Front Seat Chronicles.  See what Director Elle Travis had to say on why she was cast in this role!

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Inside Scoop: A Conversation with Writer/Director Elle Travis

This week we continue the inside scoop with actor, producer, writer and director – Elle Travis – in conversation with Producer Allen Sowelle.

Out of the numerous actors you saw during pre-production, how did you go about selecting Lony’e and Eduardo?

We were blessed with a near perfect casting session in that all of the actors that auditioned were talented enough to be the tellers of this chronicle. However when Lonye Perrine and Eduardo Ortiz came in together there was not only an undeniable chemistry between them, each of them were so engaging I got lost in their moment. Eduardo was sympathetic is his portrayal of what could have seemed like a heartless cold character. He gave James a depth that was important since we only had a moment to establish who he was. And Lony’e, instead of taking the obvious rout of making Stacy a victim played her as strong woman of today. You could see her heart on the screen, hopeful, pained, breaking and then resolute. I’m touched by the humanity both talents brought to their roles.

Original Source: Front Seat Chronicles, by Alley Pezanoski-Browne