Jumping into June! Wow…. I can’t believe 2016 is half way over! Time is flying and I hope everyone has enjoyed the first half of the year living their lives to the fullest! Chasing dreams, enjoying time with family/friends, and just being FEARLESS with your life.

I feel like 2016 is the year of transformation for me! I feel it on the inside and out! You know that feeling when something GREAT is about to happen? Yup…that feeling. I am excited and thankful for opportunity. I continue to go after my dreams and will never give up cause IT is going to happen!! Just recently I got some new headshots! What do you think?

Below are some UPDATES on my ACTING journey from MAY 2016.



I booked & shot a pilot called SILVER AGE! PAUSE. They requested my NATURAL HAIR for this show! 🙂

I play Lucy a nurse who helps her best friend, Elliot, through his grandfather’s Alzheimer’s battle AND through the realization that his grandfather was a vigilante back in the day!

SUPER HERO show anyone!!!!

It’s such a great story and cast, and lets just say WHEN THIS GETS PICKED UP I will get to show my very athletic side! Storm WHO?…HAHAHA! I can’t wait!


I have always wanted to do a Web Series and we are doing it! YEAH, BABY! My bucket list challenge pushed me to do it…no more excuses! 

We started shooting FUNNY MARRIED STUFF in May and it’s all about the funny little things and situations that happen to people in relationships! My husband Peyton is starring in this with me, as well as some AWESOME actor friends of ours, to shed some light on the adventure of being married!

We are having FUN and are almost finished shooting season 1 of the show! Stay tuned for project updates and the release date for later this year!


Woohoo! God is good as I booked two commercials in May!

One was an in house commercial for a TECH company that I can’t disclose as they had me sign my life away…lol!  But it was a lot of fun and I had a moment when I thought..They are really paying me to PLAY…lol!

The second was a HILARIOUS Comcast Xfinity spot where I get to show my comedic side!  I don’t think I have ever laughed so much during a shooting EVER!  The spot, the cast, the director, the client, just EVERYTHING was on point and we had a blast!


Can you believe I have posted 13 VLOGS on my youtube channel!?!  You will find lifestyle vlogs on topics such as parenting, fitness, beauty, acting, & etc where I hope to inspire others! You will also find vlogs on my 2016 Bucket List Challenge where I do something NEW once a month! Go to youtube.com/lonyeperrine to check out my videos!
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