Lony’e Perrine is a co-producer and ensemble actor, along with the wonderful Kila Kitu, Tamika Simpkins, Michelle Flowers, and Lee Sherman, in the production Black Women: State of The Union – Taking Flight (BWSOTU).

Journalist Steven Leigh Morris wrote a “Love Letter” to the ladies of BWSOTU! He pens, “The work onstage here, presented by Katselas Theatre Company at Los Feliz’s Skylight Theatre, is charming, funny and sufficiently impassioned…” and he encourages all to go see this play! Click on the image below to read the rest of the article!


Steven, the ladies of BWSOTU thank you for attending their show, your kind words, and 100% understand their mission! Lony’e Perrine also thanks you for your sweet compliment…you made her blush. ☺

For more information on this production and to purchase tickets, visit KatselasTheatre.com or BWSOTU.org.