Welcome to my new website everyone! YAY! I am super excited to reveal the new LONYEPERRINE.COM. Here is where you will find all things pertaining to my acting career such as booking, clips of work, pictures, press information and etc.

And as part of my new website I will be BLOGGING! Yes, finally! I will be talking about my journey as an ACTRESS in Hollywood, but also sharing about being a MOTHER, a WIFE, and my love for FITNESS.  My heart is that my experiences can help or inspire someone else.  If nothing else put a smile on your face!

So, every other Friday, starting Nov 20th I will be posting a Vlog or a blog post for you all to check out!

So go look around and check out the site and feel free to share!  Let me know what you like best about the new site in the comments below!

Lastly, subscribe to my site to stay up to date on the #LonyeHappenings!